Wedding Proposal in Santorini

Wedding Proposal in Santorini by Elite Events Santorini

An incredible wedding proposal at Dana Villas Hotel & Suites Santorini captured in a unique way by Studio Phosart_Photography & Videography
Decoration and flowers by Elite Events Santorini

And that is how Ben surprised Janelle and proposed to her in Santorini ” The candles perfectly placed, the beautiful sun setting, the gazebo covered in red flowers, everything was perfect. I held her hands, and soft music was replaced with a slight buzzing noise above my right shoulder. ”
A super romantic wedding proposal featured at How He Asked

Special thanks to ‘Studio Phosart’ team for the amazing photos and video –, for capturing each and every romantic moment of this breathtaking proposal at Dana Villas Wedding Venue – Santorini that was decorated and styled by Elite Events Santorini –

SantoriniProposal000.jpg SantoriniProposal001.jpg SantoriniProposal002.jpg SantoriniProposal003.jpg SantoriniProposal004.jpg SantoriniProposal005.jpg SantoriniProposal006.jpg SantoriniProposal007.jpg SantoriniProposal008.jpg SantoriniProposal009.jpg SantoriniProposal010.jpg SantoriniProposal011.jpg SantoriniProposal012.jpg SantoriniProposal013.jpg SantoriniProposal014.jpg SantoriniProposal015.jpg SantoriniProposal016.jpg SantoriniProposal017.jpg SantoriniProposal018.jpg SantoriniProposal019.jpg SantoriniProposal020.jpg SantoriniProposal021.jpg

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