Ultra Violet: “The color of 2018”!

Ultra Violet (or Pantone), has been officially announced “The Color of 2018”! And not just by our team at Elite Events Athens, but by the color experts of Pantone, the famed Color Institute; being featured by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and many other top worldwide publishers!

Ultra Violet, this extraordinary “blue-based” color, is associated with wealth, royalty and spirituality. It is darker than lavender, lighter than plum yet brighter than aubergine (eggplant). This dramatic and provocative shade of purple can be ideal for spring and summer weddings as well! You can easily incorporate it in your wedding details, from its monochromatic version (if you are really bold!), or alternatively to its softer version, by sprinkling just hints of it to your wedding details to add energy!

The sure thing is that you ‘ll make a loud and clear color statement!

Of course, you may wonder.. “How can I match this color with?” Ultra Violet goes perfect with white, pink, lilac, fuchsia, red, deep purple, emerald and green!

Here, are some fresh ideas from some of our events that you may find inspiring! Feel free to get excited!

Church decoration:

Ultra Violet Church deco 2_Elite Events

Ultra violet Church deco_Elite Events


Ultra violet Tableware_Elite Events

Table decoration:

Pantone Table decor_Elite Events

Candy bars:

Ultra Violet Candy Bar_Elite Events

Bridal bouquets:

Ultra violet Bridal Bouquet_Elite Events

Reception floral decoration:

Ultra violet Table floral deco_Elite Events

Bar elements:

Pantone Bar Elements_Elite Events Athens

Decoration elements:

  • Lighting 

Pantone Lighting_Elite Events

  • Paper flags & decoration frames

Pantone Decor Elements 2_Elite Events

  • Paper lanterns & balloons

Ultra Violet balls &balloons_Elite Events

  • Ribbons

Pantone Ribbons_Elite Events


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