Inspiration: Tuscany-style’s elegance meets Santorini’s allure

Loving both Tuscany-style’s warmness and Santorini’s glamorous ambience? Well, they can be both incorporated into your wedding beautifully! It only needs imagination and experimentation.

The Tuscan-like decoration makes a perfect match with the unparalleled Santorini ambience, since both styles are characterized by natural landscape elements. Santorini’s volcanic scenery, white-painted houses, red-colored cliffs, the breathtaking view of the Caldera and the world-famous golden sunset falling over the idyllic Santorini terraces go perfectly with natural color palettes. Thus, infusing Tuscan color palettes of terracotta, green, ochre, bronze and gold into the Santorini wedding will just bring over the Tuscan-inspired theme and flair. The convenience and comfort of the Tuscany style can also be integrated into your wedding evoking the Italian charm, through natural and rustic materials like roughly-sawn wood and furniture, as well as wrought iron accessories. Fine porcelain and tableware embellished with colorful details in blue, green and gold will dress up your wedding with character in a Tuscany-like atmosphere. Greenery arches and arrangements will further enhance the look, reminiscing of lush Italian vineyards.

Embracing both styles – the graceful Tuscan style and the unmatched allure of the cosmopolitan Santorini island – promise to create a unique and stylish wedding décor.

Elite-Events-Santorini-view Photo: Anna Roussos Photography & Adrian Wood Photography








Photos by Studio Phosart


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