Inspiration: Tuscany-style’s elegance meets Santorini’s allure

Loving both Tuscany-style’s warmness and Santorini’s glamorous ambience? Well, they can be both incorporated into your wedding beautifully! It only needs imagination and experimentation.

The Tuscan-like decoration makes a perfect match with the unparalleled Santorini ambience, since both styles are characterized by natural landscape elements. Santorini’s volcanic scenery, white-painted houses, red-colored cliffs, the breathtaking view of the Caldera and the world-famous golden sunset falling over the idyllic Santorini terraces go perfectly with natural color palettes. Thus, infusing Tuscan color palettes of terracotta, green, ochre, bronze and gold into the Santorini wedding will just bring over the Tuscan-inspired theme and flair. The convenience and comfort of the Tuscany style can also be integrated into your wedding evoking the Italian charm, through natural and rustic materials like roughly-sawn wood and furniture, as well as wrought iron accessories. Fine porcelain and tableware embellished with colorful details in blue, green and gold will dress up your wedding with character in a Tuscany-like atmosphere. Greenery arches and arrangements will further enhance the look, reminiscing of lush Italian vineyards.

Embracing both styles – the graceful Tuscan style and the unmatched allure of the cosmopolitan Santorini island – promise to create a unique and stylish wedding décor.

Elite-Events-Santorini-view Photo: Anna Roussos Photography & Adrian Wood Photography








Photos by Studio Phosart


Greenery: A SUPER HOT wedding decoration trend!

Greenery is a hot trend in wedding decorations, giving a fresh, natural; yet sophisticated and chick twist to wedding décor. It will instantly give an outdoor “country” feeling (making you and your guests feel like being at a chic vineyard!), even if you ‘re getting married indoors. This is another reason why this is a great all-season decoration idea!

Tip: You can incorporate greenery into your décor, but adding beautiful garlands with leaves, stems and vines; church greenery arches; statement installations with tealights hanging from the ceiling (or from a clear wire); dramatic backdrops and glorious table centerpieces! Suspended greenery and installations, adding texture and vibrancy, will elevate your reception’s décor literally!

You can also use flowers and buds to complement it, creating a modern and classic blend, within a large scale of color palette- from pure, crispy and elegant white to more bold color choices like red, yellow or gold.

You can easily achieve this fresh “earthy” look to transform your wedding venue and have the most romantic scenery on your most special day!!

Check out our photos, taken from some of our previous planned weddings, to get inspiration and … literally fresh ideas; incorporate this beautiful trend into your own wedding and have the most outstanding wedding day!

Aisle & church decoration

127Phosart Photography

121Phosart Photography

126Phosart Photography

wedding photos by studio phosartPhosart Photography

chinese weddingPhosart Photography

chinese wedding 2Phosart Photography

12052474_1078033825542236_1673494292017078058_oPhosart Photography

enas-romantikos-gamos-sto-chroma-tis-mentas-stin-kriti-mylonas-eea-gallery-12Nikos Mylonas Photography

0584.jpgPhosart Photography

Table decoration

146Phosart Photography

152Phosart Photography

157Phosart Photography

santorini blue.jpgPhosart Photography

0574.jpgPhosart Photography

28828001_1894454277232605_8208601734683008638_oNikos Mylonas Photography

enas-polychromos-rustic-gamos-sto-ktima-laas-elite-events-athens-11Nikos Mylonas Photography

Candy Bar decoration

chios.jpgPhosart Photography

chios 2.jpgPhosart Photography

Wedding reception decoration

EliteEvents20Sept2014_ (17)George Ventouris Photography

Elite_Events_17-9-16_Varkiza_Resort_web 016Nikos Mylonas Photography

Bridal bouquets

12592265_1191828780828495_3652205002505095860_nRoula Moniaki Photography


  • Wedding Planning & Decoration: Elite Events Athens/ Santorini
  • Wedding Photography: Studio Phosart, Nikos Mylonas Photography, George Ventouris Photography, Roula Moniaki Photography
  • Floral Design: Kostas Korakas

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Ultra Violet: “The color of 2018”!

Ultra Violet (or Pantone), has been officially announced “The Color of 2018”! And not just by our team at Elite Events Athens, but by the color experts of Pantone, the famed Color Institute; being featured by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and many other top worldwide publishers!

Ultra Violet, this extraordinary “blue-based” color, is associated with wealth, royalty and spirituality. It is darker than lavender, lighter than plum yet brighter than aubergine (eggplant). This dramatic and provocative shade of purple can be ideal for spring and summer weddings as well! You can easily incorporate it in your wedding details, from its monochromatic version (if you are really bold!), or alternatively to its softer version, by sprinkling just hints of it to your wedding details to add energy!

The sure thing is that you ‘ll make a loud and clear color statement!

Of course, you may wonder.. “How can I match this color with?” Ultra Violet goes perfect with white, pink, lilac, fuchsia, red, deep purple, emerald and green!

Here, are some fresh ideas from some of our events that you may find inspiring! Feel free to get excited!

Church decoration:

Ultra Violet Church deco 2_Elite Events

Ultra violet Church deco_Elite Events


Ultra violet Tableware_Elite Events

Table decoration:

Pantone Table decor_Elite Events

Candy bars:

Ultra Violet Candy Bar_Elite Events

Bridal bouquets:

Ultra violet Bridal Bouquet_Elite Events

Reception floral decoration:

Ultra violet Table floral deco_Elite Events

Bar elements:

Pantone Bar Elements_Elite Events Athens

Decoration elements:

  • Lighting 

Pantone Lighting_Elite Events

  • Paper flags & decoration frames

Pantone Decor Elements 2_Elite Events

  • Paper lanterns & balloons

Ultra Violet balls &balloons_Elite Events

  • Ribbons

Pantone Ribbons_Elite Events


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